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How to save yourself from matrimony fraud

Well, fraud on the Internet isn’t something new to hear. Right? Every now and then, we hear of stories of people being frauded on the net and how it all cultivates a very bad image of an entire community. Well, matrimony frauds are amongst those industries where frauds are imminent.


Well, matrimony frauds are amongst those industries where frauds are imminent.


But, that doesn’t mean that we stop availing of their services. Because let’s face it, Matrimonial sites in India have made our life easier and if developed properly, they can genuinely facilitate the wedding industry across the country.

However, when it comes to availing of services online, it is better to stay alert than be negligent and carefree. The Internet is a wonderful place to be. But it can be horrifying if we don’t practice enough precautions. Well, fret not. We have 3 effective tips to save yourself from online matrimony fraud. Here’s how.

1. Be smart.

Don’t go around disclosing every piece of information of yours on the Internet. Your privacy is your right; if a matrimonial site cannot ensure it, you should not register there. Those terms and conditions pages may seem useless and pressing the I accept button may seem easy. Take your time and read those terms. It’s the most deceptive part of any company and the truly advantageous matrimonial site won’t deceive you.

In short, know what you are getting into before registering.

2. Be aware.

Remember those times when our parents said a strict no to taking anything from strangers? Well, the rule applies here. Don’t give your confidence to anyone just over a text message. When you meet someone through an online platform, take enough time to know them. Never, we repeat never share your personal information with them. Never indulge in financial details even when you think you have gained their confidence.

We aren’t saying everyone is a fraud out there but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

3. Verification process.

There are millions of matrimonial profiles out there. Be sure, you choose a platform that can guarantee verified profiles. If so, you would definitely have a pleasant experience finding your perfect match online.

The easiest way to filter the matrimonial sites is by choosing the ones that allow only verified entrants. Hence, you won’t be losing dealing with something waste.

Just understand, you cannot get away with fraud on online platforms. Precautions are necessary. And only then would your experience would be pleasant.

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