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You’d think that Sanders has a tight personal relationship with Donald Trump, considering her role in the administration. But reportedly, the two really aren’t that close.

For Sarah Sanders,Guest Posting defending the president was an art form. The Arkansas native picked up the position of White House press secretary when Sean Spicer resigned after months of public ridicule.

Since then, Sanders has seemed to become a trusted confidante to Donald Trump, whose presidency has been plagued by a record amount of staff turnover. Though Sarah Sanders is responsible for defending the president, the pair hasn’t always been on the same page. The mother of three has often been misinformed or at odds with Trump, who notoriously dislikes what he perceives as signs of weakness. Sanders also had to learn to weather Trump’s unpredictable moods, so it’s no wonder rumors about her plans to leave the administration persist. Sanders may put up a good front for the press corps, but she doesn’t always get along with the man she’s tasked to defend.


4 Facts About Sarah Sanders’ Relationship With Trump


Here’s the true state of things between Sarah Sanders and Donald Trump.

1-The face

You’d think that Sanders has a tight personal relationship with her boss, considering her role in the administration. But reportedly, the two really aren’t that close, with others in his inner circle getting much more adoration than the press secretary. While some of Trump’s staffers are treated more or less like family, the best he can reportedly say about Sanders is that she’s, quote, “fine”. Of course, Sanders isn’t necessarily disliked by Trump, who’s notoriously concerned with aesthetics. According to CNN, the president has given her props for the presentation, saying, “She’s got a great face. Perfectly round.” Well, that’s better than the alternative.

2-Stormy weather

Presidents and adult film stars didn’t use to go together in the news cycle, but Trump is a different sort of president. Even two years in, government staffers are still trying to adjust to the new status quo, and Sanders may have missed the memo. Reportedly, Trump was quite upset with the way she handled the Stormy Daniels situation, while that story was still developing. Daniels’ allegations outlined an outlandish extramarital affair that reportedly involved nondisclosure agreements, thug-like threats, and somehow, Shark Week. Trump denied the affair and initially claimed to have no knowledge of the $130,000 payoff Daniels claimed she received in exchange for her silence. Naturally, Sanders had to field quite a few questions about the payoffs. In March 2018, she claimed that Daniels’ case against Trump went to arbitration, which ended in the president’s favor.

According to CNN, this was the first time the White House admitted Trump was involved with Daniels in any way, essentially serving as an admission that the nondisclosure agreement existed.

As you might imagine, Trump was reportedly unhappy with Sanders’ statement.

3-Settling the score

In June 2018, Sanders was turned away from Red Hen, a farm-to-table restaurant in Lexington, Virginia.

The restaurant’s co-owner said the move was a protest against what they saw as Trump’s “inhumane and unethical” administration.

Though Trump came to Sanders’ defense eventually, his response was delayed and notably lukewarm.

He also allegedly asked people about their private impressions of the press secretary.

To many, this signaled that Sanders was falling out of favor with Trump.


During 2018’s annual White House Correspondents’.dinner, comedian Michelle Wolf roasted the administration and made particularly sharp remarks about Sanders, who was sitting at the head table. “And I’m never really sure what to call Sarah Sanders.

What’s ‘Uncle Tom, but for white women who disappoint other white women?’” It was reported that members of the administration walked out of the dinner after hearing Wolf’s scathing remarks, but Sanders took it gracefully.

But if she thought that was the right move in her boss’ eyes, she was wrong.

Apparently, Trump believed staying in attendance was a bad move.

He allegedly thought Sanders should have walked out of the dinner as well, feeling that sitting and taking the routine was an act of weakness that reflected poorly on him.

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