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What Are Mylar Films

Mylar films are Biaxial Oriented polyester films, Mylar is their trade name. These are thin plastic films. They are chemically and dimensionally stable and transparent plastic-like films. Mylar film has a great tensile strength which is an intensive property of any material and is the measure of the total pull required to tear that material apart. NASA was the first organization to use Mylar films in the design of their Echo satellites.


Benefits and usage of Mylar Films


Usage of Mylar films in various fields:

1.    It is highly resistant to heat which makes it suitable to be used on food that is being kept in microwave ovens or roasted.
2.    Many dairy products use white Mylar for packing different products.
3.    Many sweet dishes use Mylar films for making glossy matte that is used as an attractive surface.
4.    The coating of Mylar films on food material prevents food from oxidizing.
5.    These are used in clothes and books to give shiny surfaces.
6.    They are used for preventing maps from damage when the drawing is performed.
7.    Many badge companies use Mylar films as a protective layer.
8.    The layer on Mylar films protects books from changing environmental conditions.
9.    These are also used in storing medical reports for a long time.
10.    These films are used in kite making.
11.    Mylar films also protect glass from wear n tear.
12.    Lights of indoor gardening are being covered by Mylar films.
13.    As these films reflect back the heat,Guest Posting they are used to cover walls from inside in cold countries.
14.    Mylar films are also used in fire shelters.

Benefits of using Mylar films:

1.    Cellophane which was previously used has been replaced by Mylar films as it is very strong.
2.    These have great chemical stability and resistance to x-rays.
3.    Liquid content or any powder can be stored in these films.
4.    The thickness does not vary from point to point.
5.    Contamination does not happen in Mylar films.
6.    Ionizing radiations cannot affect Mylar films.

Mylar films are proven to be environmentally friendly. It is non–toxic, doesn’t have heavy metals, and doesn’t have plasticizers. This is the main reason that their use has increased so much. Mylar films are replacing heavy films as these are very light. These films can also be recycled. At this time it is impossible to ignore the use of these films. These films are available in different types and finishes. Their roughness and smoothness can be increased or decreased by adding different inorganic materials and chemicals.

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