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One of the most interesting features offered by all NFT Marketplaces is NFT minting. Most NFT Marketplaces available today allow you to create NFTs and list them on their platform.


Create An NFT In 7 Simple Steps by Usman mehboob


With simple steps, you can create your own NFTS and get them trading. These are simple steps that will allow you to create your own NFT on any NFT Marketplace.

Create your own NFT in simple steps

Step 1:

To start creating NFTs on any NFT Marketplace platform, you need to create an account by connecting your wallet. Register using the options available in the Marketplace. To get started, you need to connect the desired wallet to the marketplace.

Step 2:

Once you’ve connected your wallet and logged in, add your personal information to your user profile. Now click the “Create” button on the NFT Marketplace home page.

Step 3:

Now the platform will ask you to select a blockchain. Select the desired blockchain on which you wish to create an NFT. Select the blockchain of your choice and select create,

Step 4:

There are two options where you can create a single NFT or a collection of NFTs. Choose whether you want to create an individual NFT or a series of NFTs. Even if you create a series of NFTs, each one will be unique by its identifier.

Step 5:

Now the “Upload” tab will appear. Here you need to upload the file that contains the digital content that you are going to convert to NFT. Click to select an image, video, audio, or file of your choice to convert to NFT.

Step 6:

The next step is to add all the relevant information such as NFT name, description, etc. that are needed to stamp your NFT. Before clicking “Create”, you need to make sure that you have enough in your wallet to pay the minting fees charged by the platform.

Step 7:

When done, click Create. Now the platform will create your NFT. Once the NFT is created, you can track it in your collections. These NFTs can then be available live on the platform for anyone to trade based on their preferences.

For Video Tutorial Click here.

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