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The first rule of opposites is unification by balance. The first act of developing creativity is the source multiplying into doubles. From mono into dual then triad. The mono division into masculine,Guest Posting and feminine energies. In a rule of magnesium opposites attract; therefore, masculine, and feminine energies will always try to merge back to mono.

This was the beginning of energetic coupling. These energies personify within creation as male, and female genders. These two genders magnetically attract. Having a portion of the soul does not mean that a person has a soul mate. Soul or sol for solar is the inner light or sun within that is generated by the inner spiritual heart.


Divine Love - A Power That Saves


A mate is a match between two individual beings. This mating is from the process of relating to life experiences. True love in its raw form generates from the reservoir of unconditional compassion of the inner spiritual heart. Love can not be contained. Love can not be measured. Love is not possession. Love is not the desire from lust. Love is not enacted by a ritual.

True love which is divine love is enacted by the connection with the source of all creation.  Nothing belongs to anyone except the source of all creation.  So a being can not give themselves to a man or woman. A being can only share themselves. The sharing of true love is the best gift a being can share with another.

The sharing of spiritual energies by intimacy will cause a bond at the spiritual core of the heart. This is what many are calling love. This is the spiritual reaction that causes many to use the phrase “I’m in love”.

The sharing of seminal fluid will cause a genetic connection with that being’s genetic line.

Measuring a being’s love by finance, possessions, or material gains is not real love. For real love is a spiritual essence not physical. Women have forgotten how to truly love. They now only lust for power, control, and material value. Men have forgotten how to care. They are more physical as protectors. So they have less compassion. But men have become possessed by sex forces.

But both genders are being controlled by artificial means. Money or currency, and drugs.

The only way to redemption is the expression of divine love and the practice of divine peace. The way to gain those attributes is by reconnecting with the source of all creation. The way to reconnect is by way of divine enlightenment. Divine love is caring about all creation. This expression will cause a change of heart. Then with that cause, an effect of peace would permeate throughout the world.  A start of self-love will begin the process of transformation.  The re-education with divine intelligence will reform the thought process to reach divine enlightenment.

Each person can start the process of saving the world. Live in peace, express divine love, and dwell in happiness.

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