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exclusive! urfi javed says she is 'not satisfied' with what she has done: yet to achieve something. bigg boss ott entertainment news

Urfi Javed has truly made a mark for herself post her stint in Bigg Boss OTT. While her fashion choices may be bold, and often bizarre, they are always ones that stand out. Those who love fashion hail her, and those who don’t like her, can seldom ignore her. We spoke to her in a brief chat and wanted to ask her about what does she think of how she has become an internet sensation and is in the news every other day. Her reply? It was quite humble, we’d say!

Urfi Javed on becoming popularWe spoke to Urfi and our first question to her was what does she think of all that she has achieved and how far she has come. Ask her if she gets overwhelmed, or what is it that she thinks, she told Zoom TV Digital, “To be very honest, I am not there where I want to be yet so I don’t think much about it. I don’t think I have done anything yet or achieved a lot. I am yet to achieve something substantial to make me proud of myself. I am not very satisfied with what I have done yet.”

We further quizzed her what is it that she thinks will be the project that satisfies her and she says, “I don’t know yet, but something that will give me some recognition, I haven’t gotten it for something in particular yet, one nice project, but I don’t know what. I am not satisfied, I don’t think so I have achieved anything.”

Urfi Javed gets boss babe Kareena Kapoor’s approvalInterestingly, both Urfi and Kareena made headlines recently when the latter was all praise for Javed’s gutsy fashion choices and how she is doing what many can’t do. She had also reacted to the same on social media and added how it was all the validation she needed.

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