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Presidents Journal:

The National Archives displays one of President Ronald Reagan’s personal diaries. The volume is opened to the June 4 – 6,Guest Posting 1984 entries, which include Reagan’s description of his visits to the beaches of Normandy to mark the 40th anniversary of D-Day. The entries are his personal writings about one of his most memorable speeches.

Researchers Prove Journaling Is Beneficial For The Physical Body:

In her article, “The Health Benefits of Journaling,” reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Board, Julie Axelrod shows that journaling is health-wise. She refers to “The University of Texas at Austin psychologist and researcher James Pennebaker [who] contends that regular journaling strengthens immune cells, called T-lymphocytes.” If you wish to take that to the extreme: no pills, no exercising, and no special diet is needed. Only pen and paper.

Resistance To Self-improvement:

Truly, the momentum of habit has a lot to do with progress, or on the other hand, the status quo. Essentially, however, when it comes down to where the rubber meets the road, your most trusted advisor, and your most dangerous enemy, is always yourself. Thoughts go around and around in our heads, planted by outer influences that unfortunately derive from our previous studies. Talk about rabbit holes and the endless conundrum of the source of everything!

Humans spend an enormous sum of money, and time, asking others to tell them what to do, how to make their dreams come true, and sometimes what their dreams actually are. We want others to give us a roadmap about how to live our lives. One seeming solution to this current dilemma is to hire a life coach. Similar to a workout coach and a business coach but generally focusing on relationship, personal financial, and self-esteem goals. The life coaching business is booming. As written by DISCInsights in “The Growing Profession of Life Coaching: A Statistical Overview,”  they say that, based on research of The International Coach Federation and PeopleKeys survey, “As a whole, the life coaching industry takes in a yearly revenue of over $2.5 billion.”

But what if, for instance, you’ve been caught in the COVID whirlwind, and have fewer funds to invest in improving yourself? Instead, you must implement survival tactics. Or, what if you have become a serial self-help course buyer to the tune of thousands, maybe gleaning one or two insights per course that you didn’t know about before? The relevant point here is that you can get stuck on the searching merry-go-round, as much as you can be stuck trying to do life better than your parents, peers, and problems taught you. The Bible is free and is one of the best roadmaps. The Bible cautions us to trust no man but to look inward. Psalm 146:3 reads: “Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.”  In The Moral Sayings of Publius Syrus, A Roman Slave (1833) is written, “Trust no man as a friend till you have tried him.”

Being the complex creatures that humans are, how can we untangle the overwhelming thought mess we have created for ourselves? All attempts at trusting our own heartfelt instincts can be squashed in an instant because we are creatures of habit, especially our thought habits.

The Bad News And The Good News:

Because none of the other 7 billion humans on earth have your unique DNA structure, you are going to have to figure out your life by yourself. Is it a dream? Are we in a matrix? Is life on planet Earth a psyop? Doesn’t matter what you call it. The essential point is to uncover (or unmask, if you will) your easiest, most pleasant, most rewarding personal lifestyle. Notwithstanding the few criminally-minded giants that we sometimes exalt, honestly speaking we are adherents of such misbehavior ourselves, although on a smaller scale. Journaling can show us our behavioral patterns, and if we want we can change those minor-seeming thought habits before they become entrenched in our psyche and make us behave like hamsters on a wheel.

Two life-enhancing detours from the self-destruction that you can take are actually very easy:


  1. Talk to yourself.
  2. Write it Down.


All you need is paper and a pen (stronger than using devices because you get the double benefit of tactile motor and visual combination learning). Writing by candlelight can be a soothing experience if the lights go out momentarily.

The real danger lies in standing still, being a non-moving target. What are you waiting for, heroes? #RememberToJournal

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