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Many people think being an introvert is so easy, you just have to be silent don’t all day but to they don’t know how to become silent because they all are extroverts. trust me, it’s not easy to remain silent every time because introverts are more likely to talk to their mind about their problems.


Introvert - Smartest Peoples


introverts are the most intelligent people in the world because they observe every single thing in front of them.¬† the percentage of their success remains the same because they don’t easily trust people. if an extrovert thinks that he or she can easily scam an introvert, sorry bro you are wrong because introverts will have already planned safety measures. they will scam you at that time when you are on your own, they will show you what it’s like to be scammed, what is like when nobody cares about you & your work. they don’t want to hurt people, they just want people to realize the consequences of their actions.

introverts always have a backup plan ready, they are multi-taskers. they act like they are doing one thing but in reality, they are doing 2 works at a time. for example, I am writing this with my hands but the words are coming from my mind. I am utilizing two things at a time, mind & hand.


being an introvert, I realized that it’s the biggest strength I have. it helped me in so many ways, soo many times, soo many things. The World is fake but you are not my friend.


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