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The New Year begins with rumors of the rise of the Terminator and the awakening of Skynet. That’s what many feel now with the many artificial intelligence tools that have become popular overnight this month.

This is undoubtedly due to the fact that AI tools and tools are being used so much that people are starting to see that their jobs will either be greatly improved in their work or their jobs will be made redundant in the future. a year and it’s time to start learning new skills.

I’ve been trying out some of the new AI tools and it’s amazing how much they can help and how much power ordinary people like us have today. The main thing now is to learn how to use this tool, because this year it will be one of our greatest assets for us.


top 12 AI Tools


I have friends who use tools to create emails for all their work. I’ve seen people dump podcasts or news articles into AI tools and ask them to boil it all down to their main points for easy consumption. The amazing thing about all of this is that anything you want can be done in seconds.

When you go through the product coming out of the device, you will realize that you need to make some small adjustments, but everything you get is 95 percent ready. The scary thing is that AI tools are constantly being researched and the coming months will be lighter years than now. So you should go and start learning as much as you can.

I have compiled a list of the 12 best AI tools that you should know and learn to use starting in February 2023.

1) Chat GPT

2) Chat Sonic

3) Synthesia

4) Lexica

5) Mid-Journey

6) Well Said Labs

7) Runway

8) Leia Pix

9) Scenario GG

10) Rytr

11) Jasper AI

12) Adept AI

Chat GPT:

Chat GPT is like a brilliant and funny robot friend, you can chat and ask anything! It’s as if there’s a genie who can answer all your questions, tell you jokes, and even write your stories. Just be careful what you wish for because Chat GPT is very smart and may surprise you with its answers! (I have never heard of Chat GPT, but I asked the guy who made it fun for a brief explanation, and he came back with it). You can ask questions, write code, create copy, write emails, and more. Take the time to explore all the features and uses of GPT Chat so that it can help you in your work and business. Chat GPT’s knowledge base is accurate as of September 2022, so keep that in mind.

Chat Sonic:

On the other hand, this tool is directly connected to Google data sources, equipped with the modern knowledge you want, and is similar to Chat GPT. The free version allows you to make up to 25 orders per day.


This tool generates AI videos in 120 languages, all using text-based input. Instead of taking pictures of people, you can create your own script in Chat Sonic or Chat GPT and feed all the content to Synthesia, and it will produce AI Avatars, green backgrounds, and other 100 percent AI-based videos.


Allows you to find images and gives you instructions for creating similar images in Mid-Journey, Dall-E2, and Stable Diffusion.


Like Dall-E2 and Stable Diffusion, this AI tool lets you create graphics and art using text input. Tell him what you need for a photo and he will create an image for you in seconds. Pair this with a tool like Canva and you have a great combination for creating graphics for social media content.

Well Said Labs:

Create 100 percent audio for your content using text input.


An AI video editing tool that can do some cool stuff.

Leia Pix:

Converts all 2D graphics into 3D images with depth and allows the image to breathe.

Scenario GG:

Upload your artwork and this tool makes dozens of variations on the original.

Rytr & Jasper:

AI tools to help you write and create content.

Adept AI:

A Problem-Based Tool for General Intelligence. I asked Adept AI to create Excel spreadsheets and generate formulas, all through text input. You can search online and ask them to find a place to rent within your fixed budget and it does all the work for you. Check it out!

There you have it, 12 AI tools you should check out right away and start learning how to use to save time and money. These tools are not going anywhere, and only those who forget them will face the reality of excess.

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