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Diamonds are renowned for their unmatched beauty and significance in representing romantic relationships. They have long been celebrated as exclusive and luxurious, and they are highly sought after in almost every culture and country. In recent years, jewelers have seen a trend of more people looking for man-made diamonds as opposed to natural diamonds that are formed under the earth’s surface.


Man-Made Diamonds vs. Natural Diamonds


Man-Made Diamonds

Man-made diamonds are also called synthetic diamonds. While they are chemically the same as natural diamonds,Guest Posting they are “grown” in a lab under the supervision of scientists. The most common way these diamonds are created is by scientists placing carbon under high pressure and a high temperature, which creates a diamond. Other scientists use chemical vapor deposition, which begins with a small “seed” of a diamond and is then grown layer by layer.

Without a trained eye, most people cannot tell the difference between a natural and man-made diamond as they both contain the same crystal lattice structure. Because of the way inclusions occur in natural diamonds, it is easier to find synthetic diamond alternatives with higher clarity grades than their counterparts. However, both types can have a variety of diamond grades across all of the four Cs of diamond quality: color, cut, clarity, and carat. In general, however, man-made diamonds are cheaper than natural handcrafted diamonds since they are easier to replicate and cheaper to produce. But because they are considered synthetic in nature, they are often viewed as less valuable, less exclusive, and less unique.

Perhaps the most significant difference is that natural diamonds are millions or billions of years old, making them special in a way that man-made diamonds are not. Synthetic diamonds can’t hold a candle to naturally formed diamonds in their rarity, extraordinary origins, and value.

Natural Diamonds

Known as one of the most highly coveted gemstones, natural diamonds are rare and expensive for good reason. Not only are they beautiful, with each one having its own unique look, but they are also billions of years old, meaning they are rare, significant, and highly cherished in every capacity.

Along with their beauty and significance in our world, natural diamonds come with a great deal of tradition. Handcrafted Diamond jewelry is often passed down from one generation to the next, and parents and grandparents excitedly anticipate younger family members receiving diamond jewelry from fiances and spouses as they get older. These traditions are often associated with special, rare, natural diamonds that were formed in nature under very precise and unique circumstances.

There is something about buying and owning a natural diamond that pulls on people’s heartstrings and makes them feel like they are a part of something special. This age-old tradition of giving natural diamonds is matchless in significance and importance across cultures.

Which One Is Best?

Most jewelers believe there is a place in the jewelry industry for both man-made diamonds and natural diamonds from the earth, but many still tend to sway one way or another in their preferences and what they view as best. As for you, you might love the lower price point of a synthetic diamond but equally love the uniqueness of a natural diamond, making for a difficult decision when it comes time to buy your next piece of jewelry.

That said, here are a few points supporting each option to help you decide.

Why Choose Man-Made Diamonds?

Man-made diamonds have increased in availability because of their demand. The younger generations hold a lot of the purchasing power in today’s jewelry market, so jewelers have adapted by offering more synthetic diamonds.

Price is another pro of purchasing a diamond created in a lab. A 1-carat synthetic diamond can cost as much as 95% less than a natural diamond of the same size. Additionally, lab-created diamonds are faster to create and can essentially have an endless supply. This means they aren’t as rare or unique, but they are less costly to replicate, driving down costs.

One thing to keep in mind when considering synthetic diamonds is the value and importance of the stone over time. Because of their lower price point and easy reproducibility, synthetic diamonds can decrease in value over their lifetimes. Additionally, they don’t hold that special reputation for being elite, exclusive, and extraordinarily special.

Why Choose Natural Handcrafted Diamonds?

Natural diamonds are undoubtedly more rare and unique than lab-grown diamonds. They have a special significance that a scientist cannot replicate. Some people view man-made diamonds as “not the real thing” or a bit of a Frankenstein-esque project. While they are chemically, physically, and visually the same, the origin of a diamond certainly matters to some.

While you’re going to pay more for a natural diamond, it will retain more of its value over time. Because natural diamonds are rare and finite in supply, they tend to hold their value for longer. This means that if you ever want to resell your diamond, you should be able to do so for a decent portion of what you paid for it.

Additionally, you cannot replace or replicate the exclusivity and uniqueness of a naturally formed diamond. This is not something you can put a price on, but it is something to seriously consider when looking for a new diamond or piece of diamond jewelry. Imagine the tradition associated with the jewelry and the timeless rarity of this gorgeous gemstone formed millions of years ago. The preference for something that truly means something and holds a piece of history is not to be understated.

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Deciding on purchasing man-made diamonds vs. natural diamonds can feel like a lot. Sometimes, it can help a great deal to discuss the pros and cons of each with a jewelry expert, and looking at some diamonds in person can also help you decide. While one diamond type isn’t going to suit everyone, you can explore each option and make the best decision for you and your loved ones based on your preferences,

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