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Wedding cakes do not always have to be white, Couples, bakers, and event organizers are now exploring various cake options for weddings; of course, no one wants a vanilla cake for their special day.


Most Trending Wedding Cakes


Wedding cakes are no longer as they used to be, from their designs, styles, and looks. There are many beautiful wedding cakes available today, and they can be tailored to your satisfaction. Listed below are ten wedding cakes-making trends:


Lace Cakes:

If you have ever seen lace cakes, I am sure you must have thought, asked, or wondered why lace is in cakes. The lace designs on the cakes look delicious, and the cake world was amazed at the trend! It turns a simple and ordinary cake into a fantastic cake.


Painted Cakes:

Painted cakes are hard to make, especially hand-painted, but they serve as a beautiful wallpaper for cakes when they are finally baked. You can choose the exact style of drawing a wedding cake or even a simple but amazing style.


Flora Cakes:

Nothing can compare to flowers because they are beautiful. Roses, lilacs, sunflowers, etc. All create beautiful cake designs. The flowers are sometimes original but are usually made of cream, fondant, and sugar. Flower cakes can make your wedding more fun!


Metal Cakes:

Metal cakes reflect elegance and beauty. A radiant end; the good look of a cake is like silver, gold, or copper. Metal finishing can be done either by using edible paint. You can even choose an extra style to serve as decorations for your wedding cake.


Geometric Cakes:

If you do not like the traditional cake style, then geometric cakes are for you. The wedding cake is full of geometric shapes such as rectangles and squares. You can take ideas from within your home, invitation cards, and even some fashion attachments.


Ombré Cakes:

Giving your wedding cake an ombré look is a fun and creative way to surprise your guests and make it popular. All you have to do now is pick your favorite colors and try on many fun tints; ombré cakes start with real white color and progress to light and dark shades of the chosen color.


Novelty cakes:

Many couples have begun to choose different sweets as their wedding cake in recent years. The central idea of ​​a new cake is to replace traditional cakes with foods such as Macaron Tower, Cupcake Stack, or Croquembouche. Fresh cakes can be designed just like any other cake.


Ruffled Cakes:

Mixed cakes are easy to make and have a nice, good look. Ruffles are made with sugar and cream, the cake is light, and it feels airy.


Gold Leaf Cakes:

If you want to go with an attractive theme for your wedding, a gold leaf cake is a way to go. There is no such thing as regale gold, after all.


Theme cakes:

Another way to make your wedding a city talk is to decorate your cake with a specific theme, such as a flower theme, art theme, and so on.

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