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Oura Ring and Apple Watch owners finally have their dream collaboration, with the two companies combining to deliver a fully-featured Apple Watch app, new complications and more.

It means Oura becomes the first major wearable company to have dedicated complications on the smartwatch, with it announcing that users will be able to add Oura scores and metrics on their current face.

Instead of having to open up the Oura app on iOS, then, the data will be at-a-glance for owners of the Apple smartwatch.


Oura is bringing a new app and watch face complications to the Apple Watch


When the complication is tapped on, this also takes the user straight through to the new app, which is where insights into sleep data, readiness, and activity can all be accessed.

The move combines the powers of two devices we consider to be at the top of the pile in 2023 – the Oura Ring Gen 3 won our award for ‘Wearable of the Year 2022’, while we’ve consistently rated the Apple Watch as the top smartwatch on the market in our dedicated reviews.

And with the two wearables sitting on quite different ends of the spectrum in terms of form factor, it’s also a collaboration that makes plenty of sense. Our users get an easier way of accessing their tracked metrics, while the Apple Watch becomes even more functional, showing off insights it doesn’t currently offer natively.

We’re yet to fire up the Oura app for Apple Watch, but stay tuned for a full explainer over the coming weeks – as well as specific details on how you can add complications to the smartwatch.

The Oura app is all about well-being and simplicity

The Oura Ring takes your data and separates it into three main sections: Sleep, Activity, and Readiness. There are different goals to set, ranging from stress, health, and athletic performance to being more productive or energetic. There’s also a Rest Mode for when you want a break, the options of hiding calorie burn or using steps as a daily goal, and plenty of charts to show current and historical information. Finally, under the Explore menu, there are multiple mindfulness exercises and meditational sessions to encourage sleep, learning, and breathing.

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