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Amazon Kindle has made the reading experience more advanced through digitization. It offers several thousand books of various genres but in the form of texts for your mobile phone, cards, etc. instead of paperbacks. As Kindle gave readers a new path, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing added spark for authors. It is a hi-tech platform for authors to publish their texts and become published authors with self-publishing standards. So let’s move forward to discuss the topic more.


Self-Publish your own eBook On Amazon Kindle! By Usman Mehboob



Amazon KDP is a self-publishing platform for authors that allows them to publish their articles online and reach a global audience without any traditional press input. Amazon’s KDP was obviously a great way for niche genre authors to break into the internet and gain readers, which in earlier times was stressful due to unfamiliarity with traditional publishing models. Any author or aspiring author can now create their KDP Amazon account, upload their final drafts and sell their books through Amazon. It seems very easy, right? That’s because it is.


Amazon KDP has world-class benefits along with the idea of ​​a publishing world that has no setup costs. So let’s take a look at it:

Biggest Book Seller – You can sell your book through Amazon which is the best bookseller online.

Built for Self-Publishing – The algorithm designed for Amazon Kindle Publishing is specifically for self-publishing authors to reach a global readership.

One account for all tasks – You can use your Kindle account to sell and print your books.

Get access to built-in marketing tools – you can use Kindle Unlimited and KDP promo offers to reach a growing audience.


Like any other tech product or service, Amazon KDP also has some drawbacks. They are listed below:

Royalty Limits – There are limits to the 70% KDP royalty rate.

Amazon Only KDP Select – You can only access KDP Select if you continue to sell your books/self-published books exclusively through Amazon.

Adding to Amazon’s Monopoly – Selling with Amazon only means that you are adding to Amazon’s monopoly market.


Before you publish any of your work on Amazon KDP, you will need to have an Amazon Direct Publishing account. If you already have an Amazon account, just go to the Kindle Direct Publishing login page and sign in with your existing credentials. But if not, you can simply go to the kindle publishing page, go to the “sign up” option, and follow the instructions by entering your name, the email address you use, and your password. Now, there are a few things you’ll need before you go to hit the “Publish” button for your work on Amazon KDP:

  • The finished title of your book.
  • Alternatively, the subtitle and title of the series.
  • Author name (your name or pseudonym).
  • Description of your book (optimized for marketing).
  • Completed book category and keywords.
  • The final draft of your thesis (text).
  • A book cover that suits you.
  • A set price that you want your book to sell for.


It is a program for all self-published authors that offer exclusive rights to sell e-books only on the Kindle platform. Specifically, this means that the author’s work will only be available for purchase on Amazon’s eBook platform and cannot be distributed through any other platform.

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